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T he best thing you can do when accused or arrested for violating probation is to immediately consult an experienced attorney. Do not attempt to hide from law enforcement for if you ignore the situation, the violation will escalate rapidly, resulting in a warrant for your arrest. A qualified Denton criminal defense attorney will assist you with turning yourself in, challenging the violation, and protecting your rights. At the office of Randy Brooks, we will negotiate with prosecutors and judges to help abate or decrease the possible punishments, including the often inevitable jail time. We will stand with you at your probation revocation hearing, guide you through the full legal process, and create a secure defense to give you the best possible outcome available.

Probation Violations & Revocations in Denton County

Regardless of whether you are serving Deferred Adjudication Community Supervision or Judicial Community Supervision (also known as “straight probation”), if you fail to comply with all the probationary terms outlined by the judge, you can face serious penalties. In the case of deferred adjudication, a violation puts you at the mercy of the court, which can convict you under the statutory maximum for your particular crime, resulting in a final conviction on your criminal record.  With straight probation, you risk the revocation of your probation and face the sentence previously imposed by the judge, including jail or prison time. While the judge can choose to decrease the time for the violation, he or she cannot surpass the original sentence.

The law office of Randy Brooks has helped clients beat probation violations for years. The most common of which are:

  • Failure to report to your probation officer
  • Failure to pay fines and/or court fees
  • Failure to perform mandated community service
  • Testing positive for drug and/and or alcohol
  • Failure to undergo mandatory drug testing
  • Failure to comply with a court order
  • Failure to appear in court on the scheduled date
  • Associating with known criminals
  • Getting charged with a new crime while on probation
  • Failure to maintain gainful employment or a steady job
  • Failure to abide by the court-ordered curfew
  • Traveling outside the county without a travel permit
  • Failure to maintain a residence in the county of the probation

Whatever the situation, Randy Brooks can help. Don’t ignore or avoid the violation, rather let us help you challenge the offense and minimize the repercussions.

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