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A ccording to Texas legislation, fraud is defined as a crime of deception in which property or money is deceitfully obtained for someone to which it does not rightfully belong. Fraud allegations include credit card theft, forgery, identity theft, securities fraud, and telephone scams. As with many other crimes, the consequences depend on the kind of fraud involved. While fraud charges are not penalized as severely as burglary or robbery in Texas, they can result in prison time if the amount of money is substantial. Fraud charges are typically misdemeanors although they can be enhanced to felonies in certain cases.

Forgery Charges in Denton

Forgery is altering, completing, executing, authenticating, or creating any writing to wrongly appear to be authorized by another individual, executed at a certain time, place or sequence, or to be a copy of a nonexistent original document. This type of crime, along with theft and fraud, is considered a question of moral turpitude, demonstrating a deceitful nature. This can have damaging effects on your ability to obtain employment or housing as it carries a severely negative connotation.

Under Texas Penal Code, forgery has a minimum Class A misdemeanor charge which can result in up to 1 year in jail and a $4,500 fine. However, depending on the circumstance, forgery charges can be elevated. Check forgery, for instance, is typically charged as a state jail felony.

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