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Are You Seeking Pretrial Diversion in Denton?

I n Texas, pretrial diversion is a way to avoid conviction and obtain a case dismissal. As long as you comply with the agreement set forth by the Denton County District Attorneys, at the end of the determined period, your case is dismissed and you are eligible for expunction after one year from the dismissal.

Pretrial diversion is offered to offenders who have not previously been arrested or charged with a crime. In order to acquire a pretrial diversion, you must agree to submit to certain conditions with the Denton County District Attorneys in exchange for the State of Texas dismissing your case. Community service is usually required and certain fees are involved.

Pretrial diversion functions very similarly to a community supervision program or probation. The arrangement involves arbitrary drug testing, monthly visits with a community supervision officer, and depending on the crime, drug treatment or other courses. Pretrial interventions involve supervision and rehabilitation for a period no longer than two years.

An Alternative to Court

As an applicant for pretrial diversion, it is not necessary that you admit guilt. Along with accomplishing the tasks set forth in the agreement, you must also promise not to break any law beyond a speeding ticket for 6-12 months. If you do commit a crime during that period, the County Attorney starts the charge process over.

The most common crimes applicable for pretrial diversion are crimes such as possession of marijuana, criminal mischief, theft, shoplifting, etc. If you have been charged with any of these and have no prior criminal history, a seasoned defense attorney can help you get a pretrial diversion. The law office of Randy Brooks has extensive experience in circumstances like these and can help you in this scary time.

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Experienced Domestic Assault & Family Violence Defense Attorney

Situations of assault and family violence are extremely serious. Even with the “no drop” policy, there is the possibility of securing a dismissal but it is crucial you have a veteran defense attorney on your case. Without one, you lay at the mercy of the State and risk the violation of your rights. At the law office of Randy Brooks, we understand what’s at stake and can help you create a solid defense to fight the prosecution’s allegations. We will analyze your circumstances and ensure you have the best possible outcome available.

A family violence conviction can mean never seeing your loved ones again. Don’t wait, call Randy Brooks immediately.

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