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Do You Want To Seal Or Erase Your Arrest Or Criminal Record?

I t just may be possible. With the today’s technological advances, criminal history and background checks have become commonplace. They are often run when you apply for employment, college, student loans, a mortgage, and more. Based on the outcome, the results can severely hinder you professionally and personally, inhibiting you from accomplishing your goals.

**New DWI Non-Disclosure Law Goes Into Effect in September 2017**

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Regardless of whether your case was dismissed, dropped, or disposed via deferred adjudication, you still have a criminal record. This record is composed of evidence and documents which remain accessible by the public. Fortunately, Texas law allows you to start over, to wipe your slate clean. Depending on the situation and outcome of your arrest, you may be eligible for expunction or a petition for non-disclosure, sealing your records from public view and allowing you to live the life you want.

Expunction Eligibility

Expunction or expungement, as it is also known, is the complete elimination of all records relating to your arrest. If you are granted an expunction, the court orders all documents and records to be erased or destroyed and you are permitted to legally deny the existence of the crime and arrest. The only exception occurs if you are involved in a criminal proceeding. In this case, you cannot deny the arrest during questioning although you can disclose that it was expunged.

Convicted offenses are not eligible for expunction but the following circumstances may be:

  • You were arrested but not charged
  • Your criminal case was dismissed
  • You were found not guilty
  • You had your case dismissed after serving deferred disposition probation for a Class C misdemeanor
  • Another individual was arrested under your name
  • You were convicted at the trial level but acquitted by the Texas Court for Criminal Appeals
  • You received a pardon from the Governor of Texas or the President of the United States

Whatever the situation, an expunction can mean the difference between starting over and having to live with the consequences for the rest of your life. Seeking the guidance of an expert defense attorney is critical. At the office of Randy Brooks, we can help you determine your eligibility and secure the fresh start you need.

Non-Disclosure Eligibility

Unlike expunction, an Order for Non-Disclosure does not completely erase your criminal record, but it does seal it from the public. This method is not as comprehensive as expungmenet since the record remains intact and is accessible by law enforcement and government agencies although they are prohibited from divulging the information to third parties.  With an Order of Non-Disclosure you are allowed to deny the arrest ever occurred. This allows you to apply for jobs, college, scholarships, loans, and housing without fear of scrutiny or immediate refusal.

Most misdemeanors are eligible for a petition of non-disclosure immediately following a successful completion of deferred adjudication and case dismissal; although in some cases, a waiting period of 2 years is required. For felonies, you must wait 5 years after the deferred adjudication is completed. Some offenses and situations are not applicable for non-disclosure, including a conviction, “straight probation,” or failure to complete deferred adjudication.

Experienced defense attorney, Randy Brooks is a seasoned veteran in expunction and non-disclosure cases. With his expertise, we can help you determine whether your eligible for expunction or non-disclosure and will assist you with all the red tape associated with the complicated legal process. We understand what a clean record can mean for you and will do everything we can to help you obtain it.

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Experienced Domestic Assault & Family Violence Defense Attorney

Situations of assault and family violence are extremely serious. Even with the “no drop” policy, there is the possibility of securing a dismissal but it is crucial you have a veteran defense attorney on your case. Without one, you lay at the mercy of the State and risk the violation of your rights. At the law office of Randy Brooks, we understand what’s at stake and can help you create a solid defense to fight the prosecution’s allegations. We will analyze your circumstances and ensure you have the best possible outcome available.

A family violence conviction can mean never seeing your loved ones again. Don’t wait, call Randy Brooks immediately.

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