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I n Texas, domestic assault and family violence are treated with the utmost severity, perhaps more than any other criminal misdemeanor charge. Abuse or “family violence” occurs when a violent act happens between spouses, domestic partners, family member, household members, former partners or people involved in a relationship.

If the police are summoned due to accusations of family violence, or assault, someone will almost always be arrested and charged. A protective order, which prevents the accused from making physical or verbal contact with those involved, is also often filed. If the violent act resulted in bodily injury of a family member, the offender can be convicted of a misdemeanor, landing him or her in jail for up to a year with fines up to $4,000, and the possibility of anger management or family violence classes and probation. If there is a prior family violence conviction, the penalty increased to up to 10 years in prison and up to a $10,000 fine. Injuries caused to a child or involving a weapon also receive enhanced punishments.

Regardless of whether the victim requests the charges be dropped, once the case progresses to the courtroom, the State will prosecute the case, employing whatever tactics or strategies necessary. This is because Texas Penal Code has a “no drop” policy which states that once a compliant has been filed, the victim or complaining witness no longer has the option of dropping the assault charges.

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Situations of assault and family violence are extremely serious. Even with the “no drop” policy, there is the possibility of securing a dismissal but it is crucial you have a veteran defense attorney on your case. Without one, you lay at the mercy of the State and risk the violation of your rights. At the law office of Randy Brooks, we understand what’s at stake and can help you create a solid defense to fight the prosecution’s allegations. We will analyze your circumstances and ensure you have the best possible outcome available.

A family violence conviction can mean never seeing your loved ones again. Don’t wait, call Randy Brooks immediately.

Recent Case Result:

My client was on probation for family violence assault. He was convicted of DWI and then arrested again for DWI, so the probation department filed a motion to revoke his probation. The best offer his previous attorney was able to obtain was 90 days in jail.

As it would most of us, spending 90 days in jail would mean that he would lose his job, his house, everything. He began doing rehabilitation work for his drinking problem, and the prosecutor agreed to recommend to the judge that my client spend 5 weekends in jail and have his probation extended to run concurrently with his DWI probation. The judge agreed, and my client is now back on probation without the imminent loss of everything he cares about.

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