Should I Hire a Denton County DWI Attorney?

You have most likely realized by this point that being arrested can be a life changing experience especially when it involves a first offense DWI charge in Denton or the surrounding area. The impact on both your professional and personal life may be devastating. Your community reputation can be ruined, and the financial pressure you may find yourself under can be daunting.

With that said, in spite of the severe consequences that come with a DWI, you shouldn’t assume that everything is hopeless, especially if you are a first offender. Probable cause needs to be established by law enforcement – they need to show proof of a DWI offense before you can be convicted of any charges. Police officers are legally bound to adhere to certain procedures when a field sobriety test is being administered.

When experienced legal representation is retained, you will be providing yourself with a chance to reduce your charges, if not get them completely dismissed. The legalities that come with DWI charges are very nuanced. Your case will be one-of-a-kind, meaning you will have an opportunity to bypass the consequences of such a serious charge. Just because there is a huge stack of evidence against you doesn’t mean that you can’t come out on the winning side. When hiring counsel, make sure to retain the legal services of a lawyer with expertise in DWI charges like Randy Brooks.

Our law office has extensive experience handling all kinds of DWI cases in Denton County and the surrounding areas. We have represented many clients successfully that had over-the-limit breath or blood tests. Remember, you can try to defend yourself in court if you are feeling confident enough to face a prosecutor with decades of experience. However, to keep your reputation unsullied and your record clean, you would be better off being represented by somebody that can make the repercussions of your actions a lot less bleak.

After you are charged with a DWI, you might find yourself upset, stressed out, and/or confused – particularly if this is your first offense. However, in spite of this challenging situation, you’ll need to take certain actions right away – ones that can significantly steer the incident’s outcome in your favor.

A lot of people assume that they won’t be able to contest the charges, but such individuals should resist thinking this way. No matter how bad the circumstances are, the moments leading up to your arrest happen to be an important time. You need to take steps to defend yourself and safeguard your reputation. You can save yourself from the impact that comes with DWI convictions.

After you have listened to our suggestions on the steps you can take after being stopped for a DWI, and have followed through on our recommendations for declining a DWI test, you should do the following:

  • Write down as much as you can – being charged for a DWI is an overwhelming thing, but you need to be cognizant to the best of your ability and write down as much as you can (or use your mobile device to take notes) about anything relevant to the incident. Details are important in cases like these. No matter how trivial the details may seem, they are capable of making a big difference in your case’s outcome. It isn’t very hard to forget things after several days and/or weeks. Try to write down:
  • Where you were during the arrest.
  • Questions that the police officer asked you.
  • The responses you gave to that officer.
  • Whether a breathalyzer test was administered. If it was, details about the way it was conducted.
  • If a field sobriety test was administered.
  • The way tests were conducted, as well as the results they showed.

It is imperative to write down a comprehensive report of the things that happened at the time of your arrest. Such information should be shared with your attorney only.

  • Gather witnesses – the prosecution might have witnesses when putting a case together against you. You need to do the very same thing. If there was a passenger in your automobile before the arrest, or if somebody saw the incident and can provide testimony, ask that individual if they are open to helping you. If they can, encourage them to put all the details they can pertaining to the arrest in writing. The sooner they do, the better.
  • Contact a lawyer – a DWI case can be challenging for a defendant, but winning such a case isn’t impossible. You will require the services of a Denton DWI attorney who understands your situation. This lawyer should have a successful track record and have the ability to put together a case that holds up in a court of law. Attorney Randy Brooks has over 35 years of experience in the local court system.
  • Keep calm – as troublesome as facing a DWI charge is, refrain from panicking and/or making ill-advised, rash choices. Allow your attorney to put together a comprehensive plan, and then follow their lead. You need to have faith that the attorney will understand what tactics and procedures to utilize, as they are working hard to accomplish the best possible outcome for the case.
  • Learning from your mistakes – regardless of whether you were charged wrongly or rightly, this is an experience you need to walk away from as a better person. A DWI conviction comes with heavy consequences. Receiving multiple convictions can result in devastating ramifications.

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