What You Can Expect When Sentenced for a First Offense DWI

When you a first offense DWI conviction, you will likely spend hours in a county jail, which is mandatory (assuming you haven’t been granted probation). Alternatively, community supervision may be the penalty (meaning some community service – in some way – will be your sentence).

Based on the ruling of the charge, you might be subjected to even more conditions. They may include attending a rehab facility approved by the state (if the court believes you have an alcohol addiction, you might be subjected to a comprehensive rehabilitation program). You might need to attend a DWI “school,” which is a half-day course that must be taken within six months of receiving a probation ruling. Failure to attend this course could result in revoking of your license until the course is completed.

There are several consequences involved with DWI first offenses in Texas as well. When convicted, your license may be suspended. It might also get suspended without a conviction – by as much as six months – if you decline a breath or blood test; or for as much as three months if your test results come up as higher than .08. This can be attributed to Texas’ laws for “implied consent,” essentially giving the state permission to test your sobriety. If the tests are refused on your end, then suspension undulations will automatically ensue.

You only have 15 days to request a hearing to protect your driver’s license after a DWI arrest.

ALR (Administrative License Revocation) will start forty days after a “Notice of Suspension” is received. Once you receive it, you will have a total of fifteen days to ask for a hearing. A reinstatement fee will need to be paid on your end in order to have your driver’s license reissued or renewed.

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